Jennifer Hart

About Jennifer

Jennifer is an Irish artist born in Dublin. With a combined background in fashion and interior design, Jennifer’s arresting paintings demonstrate a rich measure of abstract versatility.  All at once, her work embodies figurative, landscape and still life images. She translates her observations of the world around her into pure colour and spontaneous realism.  She absorbs these everyday scenes and confounds expectations with non-naturalistic results, creating an occasionally phantasmagorical element in her work.

Jennifer’s large imposing canvases draw the viewer in their majesty as they beam hues of pinks and purples across city, land and seascapes.  Sunset Over the Bay (2019), one of  Jennifer’s latest works that will anchor the show, eschews any strict descriptive method of painting and instead presents us with surreal expressionism.  An expanse of purple occupies the surrounding view of the landscape, directing the line of sight to the centre revealing spots of light and colour. Jennifer’s work is constantly evolving and this painting is indicative of yet another progressive transition in her oeuvre.

Jennifer graduated with a BA in Fashion Textile Design from NCAD and later received a BA in Interior Design from the Chelsea College or Art.  She has exhibited work in Secaucus New Jersey USA 2002, Chicago and Chester Art Fair Cheshire. She has also showcased work at Art Source RDS from 2012-2015.  

Jennifer exhibits her work each Sunday at the People’s Park in Dun Laoghaire and the People’s Art, Stephen’s Green.



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